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Josh Santini

Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Santini brings a diverse career spanning technical hardware, software, international banking and negotiations, sales and operations. With a portfolio of successful ventures varying from foreign governments and corporations to the uniquely narrow focuses of domestic SMBs, Mr. Santini continues to provide the leadership and initiatives that move Triptych forward in today's evolving marketplace.

Ross McCullough

Chief Information Officer


Mr. McCullough is highly motivated business professional with a substantial track record of successful projects. His unique talent for quickly mastering and applying cutting edge Information Technology drives Triptych's initiatives. With a career spanning 20 years and projects for Kodak, JDS Uniphase, ADC, Tyco, Corning, Xerox, and IBM, Mr. McCullough provides technical expertise and ability to Triptych.

Bill McCullough

Technical Expert


Mr. McCullough brings over 30 years' experience in medical operational readiness and policy formulation. He is a recognized expert in all facets of joint medical support planning for the US operational forces and brings unique insight and substantial technical expertise to Triptych as a Subject Matter Expert in the design, implementation, deployment, and operations of electronic healthcare record systems.

Jim Hanrahan

Technical Expert


Mr. Hanrahan bring substantial structure to Triptych operations from his proficient career in professional program management. With over 20 years of proven operational ability to some of the largest defense contractors after a dedicated 30 year military career, he is a specialist in the oversight and development of a strong workforce and further strengthens Triptych as a Subject Matter Expert.


Triptych Technologies FL

Satellite One Facility, Seminole, Florida, United States


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Triptych Technologies FL

Satellite Two Facility, Fort Myers, Florida, United States


General Inquiry

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